Mira had a lot of fun at camp. She especially enjoys and appreciates the variety of activities.


What an incredible camp!! The program is so well thought out with activities and field trips; the values that are taught in such loving manner about charity, and justice, and doing good in the world are things that are close to our heart and our home. My highest praise, however, goes to the incredible counselors who welcomed my son with love and laughter to the CGI community. I truly cannot say enough about the amazing staff who every day greeted the campers with such joy. It’s a great feeling to know that my son is in such a wonderful, creative, fun, environment. He loved woodworking, he loved photography, he loved cooking. Most of all, he loved the counselors and want to go back this summer and I love CGI for seeing my son so happy.


This is a wonderful camp! The atmosphere is cozy, the counselors really care about your
child, the children are very nice–the activities are well-balanced and it is very fun!


Our kids have attended CGI for the past 4 years and LOVE it. It is a real “camp” experience for them, where they learn and grow, but it does not feel like school. The weekly themes, selection of field trips, and the diverse and international array of counselors give the camp a fresh new feel each and every summer.


Once again, CGI offered a rich selection of activities that captured my daughter’s attention, challenged her to learn, and were structured so she could master them. It is no easy task to engage a crew of pre-adolescents who have ‘seen that, done that, lost the t-shirt’. But each summer there is a fresh curriculem and caring, warm counselors who make CGI welcoming and exciting. Amid the scores of camps and activities available over the summer, CGI is always my daughter’s first choice.


Our child could not wait to get to camp each morning and, at the end of the summer, watched the camp video daily to identify her friends! she genuinely loved the exciting roster of activities.


My Daughter had an amazing summer. Every morning she ran downstairs to check the calendar, she was so excited about whatever she was doing that day. We also LOVED hearing all the great songs she learned and would sing non-stop. Every child should be that happy at camp. Thank you. She can’t wait to come back next summer ????


My son has attended the Camp Gan Israel summer camp over the past two years. He is very picky about the summer camps he goes to and has consistently enjoyed the field trips (always inspired and fun) and the real commitment the counselors and Shternie have to their charges. I would highly recommend this experience!

Deb Gordon-Gurfinkel

One thing that impresses me year after year is the range of children, regardless of synagogue affiliation or level of home observance, that thoroughly enjoys the CGI experience. Counselors are warm and enthusiastic and make a real effort to get to know their campers. My kids have been going for years, but they still get excited each spring to find out what the weekly themes and field trips will be.


Our son tried CGI for a few weeks this summer and just loved it! He kept busy with art projects, fun filled field trips, swimming with optional lessons, sports and more. Next summer he and his little sister will be going every week. The counselors were organized, sincere, caring and did a fabulous job. Director Shternie was always on top of things, and at the same time, made the kids and parents feel at home.


The hard work of the staff and Shternie is so evident in the fantastic and organized field trips, the special guests that arrive at camp who teach the kids about science, animals, dance and much more and just in the day to day activities and fun the kids have. My daughter, age 5, absolutely loved it!


My son loved getting up every morning to go to Camp Gan Israel. The staff was wonderful, loving and caring, and the different combination of indoor and outdoor activities kept each day exciting. He always came back with great sotries. I will keep sending my son every year to CGI


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