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Welcome, new campers! Get ready for an incredible summer at Camp Gan Israel. Join our welcoming community, where each day is a new adventure. Our friendly staff is here to make your first summer unforgettable, full of fun activities and lasting friendships. Whether you’re a first-time camper or a returning friend, get ready for an amazing experience at Camp Gan Israel! 🌈🏕️


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What is iCamp

iCamp at CGI is an elective program that lets campers select their activities three times a week—on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. With options ranging from art to chess, sports, gaming, acting, and more, iCamp empowers campers to personalize their CGI experience by deciding how they want to spend their mornings.

Sports with Coach Chris

Coach Chris brings a wealth of experience to the sports program at CGI, boasting over a decade of dedicated coaching at our camp. With a passion for fostering a love of sports, Coach Chris has become a beloved figure among the camp community. Children eagerly anticipate the thrice-weekly sports sessions, guided by his expertise and encouraging approach. Under Coach Chris’s leadership, sports at CGI go beyond physical activity—they become a source of fun, skill development, and positive camaraderie that leaves a lasting impact on the campers’ summer experience.

Science With Larry

Join Larry for his 20+ summer at CGI! Dive into interactive science sessions with hands-on activities, demonstrations, and group exploration, making science a part of everyday life.

The Art Of Magic

Enter the world of magic tricks! Led by Crazy Craig, campers learn captivating tricks and even create their own jewelry, from bracelets to earrings.


Promote creativity with hands-on art! This class allows children to form objects, bringing their thoughts and ideas into reality in a fun and imaginative way.


Unleash creativity through basic dance! This class encourages children to express themselves, contribute to choreography, and discover the art of making dances.


Jump in to some fun gymnastics, take a crack at cart wheels and other fun stuff. all with an excellent instructor.


Learn and improve chess skills with our expert! Campers are guided through rules and strategies, enhancing their chess-playing abilities.


Have a blast learning basic cooking skills! Campers get hands-on experience creating scrumptious dishes and exploring the culinary arts.


Let the circus come to life! Explore juggling, learning tricks of the trade. Perfect for those who’ve always dreamed of joining the circus!

And more…


Fasten your seat belts its time for amazing trips!


CGI makes a splash with swimming twice a week! Join the fun and dive into refreshing waters at Camp Gan Israel.


CGI embarks on two exciting trips every week! Join us for double the adventure at Camp Gan Israel.

Trip Week

Once a summer, get ready for daily adventures as we of fun and exploration every day of the week at Camp Gan Israel.


Ensuring safety at camp is our top priority.

Camp Gan Israel strives to ensure the absolute highest measure of safety for our campers.

  • Counselors wear a “necklace” at all times with each camper’s name, contacts & known allergies.
  • Health records & first aid kits are with every group leader at all times and are taken on every field trip.
  • Our child/staff ratio is low, most notably on field trips .
  • All of our staff receives training from a pediatrician on general first aid for minors and special precautions for outdoor play in the heat.
  • CGI has a doctor on call during camp hours.
As a safety precaution, sunscreen should be applied before coming to camp. Please send a labeled bottle daily in your child’s camp bag as campers will frequently reapply sunscreen throughout the day.

Keeping the kids well hydrated is high priority at Camp Gan Israel. We make sure the children do frequent water breaks especially when outdoors and us rides.

Each camper will be provided with a water bottle on their first day of camp. This bottle will stay at camp to be used by your camper all summer and they will get to take it home on their last day of camp.

Medicine required to be taken during camp hours will be dispensed by the head office only. Please personally hand it to the office on the first day your child will be attending camp. All prescriptions must be in their original containers and marked with your child’s name, prescription/expiration dates, and a written order from the physician.


Must campers wear a camp T-shirt every day?
No, we require that all campers wear a Camp Gan Israel T-shirt on field trip days. Since all camp staff and campers wear camp shirts, we are instantly recognizable to each other. While on field trips camp shirts distinguish our campers and staff from other visitors. Camp shirts will be available for purchase before the start of camp.
How does my camper find a lost item?
Please mark all belongings with your camper’s name and group. This is very important since shirts, backpacks, etc. are identical and individual items are difficult to identify without a label. Lost & Found items are available each day in the office. Please contact us in email or by phone regarding specific items.
How does the transportation system work?
Camp Gan Israel uses a modern fleet buses from the Ann Arbor School Bus Company. Campers must remain seated at all times.
How do I arrange to pick up my camper during camp?

If you have to pick up your camper during the day, please notify our office. Once we are aware of your arrival time, we can arrange to have your camper ready for you. Please note that no camper will be released to ANYONE without written permission.

What does my camper need to bring each day?
Campers should bring a sack lunch. Water is provided to the campers. We strongly suggest that parents send their children in closed toe sneakers for their own safety. Campers only need a bathing suit and towel on swimming days ( Monday, Wednesday ).
How can I speak with my child’s counselor?
A call to the camp office will answer most questions. Since counselors are constantly supervising groups and activities, messages will be taken at the camp office. Please leave your name and evening phone number and the counselor will return your call as soon as possible.
What if my child does not want to participate in a particular activity?
No camper will be forced to participate in any activity. However, we do encourage campers to try all activities and take advantage of the complete program offered at Camp Gan Israel.
How can I speak with a Camp Director?
The director is available to answer your questions and discuss your concerns, during the day at the Camp Office and most evenings from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on their cell. Please feel free to call during these times or leave a message at the camp office during the camp day.
How religious is Camp Gan Israel?

CGI is a totally non-judgmental environment made up of campers from all Jewish backgrounds. An individual’s level of observance is not stressed. All children enjoy a shared Jewish spirit through songs and projects.

Can my camper bring a precious item to camp?
We do not permit your camper to bring jewelry, radios, expensive toys, etc. to camp. Camp Gan Israel supplies everything campers may need.
Are we obligated to give a tip or gift to our child’s counselor?
Although not required, tips or gifts are appreciated. If you wish to do so, here is a general guideline: $20-25 for a junior counselor and $30-40 for a counselor.
How can I become more involved with Camp Gan Israel?
The camp encourages the involvement of “bunk” parents (just like a class parent). If you are interested please inform the Director.
How much time do the campers spend outdoors?
Weather permitting, campers will spend lots of time outdoors. A playground is available as well as all fields and courts. Please apply sunscreen at home prior to camp. In case of rain or extreme heat, campers will have the opportunity to be indoors.